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Encontros pelo Países » Germany»
  Federal Republic of Germany is Central Europe country. Germans are very organised and punctual people. Germany border 9 countries that is more than other European country borders. It has wonderful nature that is famous by its black forests and one of the longest river in the Europe Danube. It can seem that German people are cold and concentrated, it is true, but it is only if concerning business. Instead, German people are very matey people. They like dancing and singing. Germans have a lot of traditions and holidays on which that wearing their traditional clothes and dancing folk dance. Know about German people more and communicate with them via LiveDateSearch

Imagem de gogita500 - Free Online Dating
Goga, homem, 40
Germany, Nordrhein-westfalen, Koeln 5 pics

Imagem de dandy069 - Free Online Dating
Dandy, homem, 47
Germany, Berlin, Berlin 3 pics

Imagem de stefaniy7 - Free Online Dating
Stefany, mulher, 41
Germany, Rheinland-pfalz, Kaiserslautern 2 pics

Imagem de andrej502 - Free Online Dating
Andrej, homem, 53
Germany, Rheinland-pfalz, Koblenz 7 pics

Imagem de sirstevo - Free Online Dating
Steve, homem, 54
Germany 1 pics

Imagem de Lilly92 - Free Online Dating
Maria, mulher, 21
Germany, Baden-wurttemberg, Ulm 4 pics

Imagem de Klaus66 - Free Online Dating
Klaus, homem, 50
Germany 6 pics 1 pontos

Imagem de hannah1010 - Free Online Dating
Hannah, mulher, 29
Germany, Hamburg, Hamburg 2 pics 1 pontos

Imagem de royalesabre - Free Online Dating
Wolfram, homem, 49
Germany 1 pics 68 pontos

Imagem de pascal337 - Free Online Dating
Andreas, homem, 40
Germany, Sachsen, Zittau 1 pics 22 pontos

Imagem de graceon - Free Online Dating
Graceon, mulher, 24
Germany, Hessen 1 pics

Imagem de kin1111 - Free Online Dating
Kalin, homem, 45
Germany, Nordrhein-westfalen 1 pics

Imagem de bridget4u - Free Online Dating
Bridget Doudou, mulher, 26
Germany, Berlin, Berlin 1 pics

Imagem de hotsexybody - Free Online Dating
Roland Krabbes, homem, 61
Germany, Nordrhein-westfalen, Koeln 18 pics GOLDEN MEMBER!

Imagem de Berliner - Free Online Dating
Frank Wandrey, homem, 51
Germany, Berlin, Berlin 3 pics

Imagem de More4232 - Free Online Dating
Igor, homem, 58
Germany, Rheinland-pfalz, Koblenz 4 pics 3 pontos

Imagem de Assol - Free Online Dating
Ассоль, mulher, 29
Germany, Berlin, Berlin 1 pics

Imagem de marleine23 - Free Online Dating
Marleine, mulher, 23
Germany, Brandenburg, Frankfurt 4 pics

Imagem de 100002003648481 - Free Online Dating
Bright Asante, homem, 29
Germany, Niedersachsen, Hannover 3 pics

Imagem de silaswilliams825 - Free Online Dating
Silaswilliams, mulher, 40
Germany, Brandenburg, Frankfurt 2 pics

Imagem de 219740661709116 - Free Online Dating
Ajesh Kandhari, homem, 34
Germany, Hessen 1 pics

Imagem de 195619547467426 - Free Online Dating
Lamine York, homem, 30
Germany, Bayern, Neu Ulm 1 pics

Imagem de michael4luv - Free Online Dating
Michael, homem, 37
Germany, Hamburg, Hamburg 1 pics

Imagem de MISSSUCCESS12 - Free Online Dating
Nkaje, mulher, 28
Germany 1 pics

Imagem de rosine - Free Online Dating
Faisal, mulher, 30
Germany, Hessen 1 pics

Imagem de blesscure78 - Free Online Dating
Veronica, mulher, 35
Germany, Nordrhein-westfalen 1 pics 4 pontos

Imagem de Roman72 - Free Online Dating
Roman, homem, 43
Germany, Berlin 3 pics

Imagem de LUD007 - Free Online Dating
Maxim, homem, 55
Germany 1 pics

Imagem de wasserzange - Free Online Dating
Henno, homem, 48
Germany, Nordrhein-westfalen, Bielefeld 1 pics

Imagem de susan200 - Free Online Dating
Susan, mulher, 21
Germany, Berlin 1 pics

Imagem de Frank1979 - Free Online Dating
Frank Huster, homem, 37
Germany, Saarland, Bexbach 10 pics

Imagem de Vidal92 - Free Online Dating
Danny, homem, 23
Germany 4 pics

Imagem de underwoods - Free Online Dating
Kevin, homem, 51
Germany, Hessen 2 pics

Imagem de vanessawills3 - Free Online Dating
Vanessa, mulher, 35
Germany, Hessen 1 pics

Imagem de josmau - Free Online Dating
Josef, homem, 46
Germany 1 pics 3 pontos

Imagem de 982081205168681 - Free Online Dating
Andreas Kruse, homem, 47
Germany, Hamburg, Hamburg 1 pics

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