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Dating By Specialties » Vegetarians»
  Realizing the specific needs of environmentally conscious vegetarians and vegans, LiveDateSearch offers a free online dating service that helps committed vegetarian and vegan singles to come together online for companionship, romance and lifelong relationships. As a vegetarian or a vegan, you must know how important and often difficult it is to find a woman or a man with the same life priorities as yours for dating and love. That is why we encourage vegan and vegetarian singles to join this free online dating site that is visited by like-minded people sharing the same healthy diet. Set up your own free online dating profile and search through the international database of ladies and guys who opt for Vegetarian or Vegan dating. We have many locations featured, so you can find friends and dates in the USA, UK or whatever other country you choose.

Picture of Alliya - Free Online Dating
Aliya, woman, 40
Kazakhstan 1 pics
серьезная,ответственная, люблю природу и...
Picture of Evgen85 - Free Online Dating
Евгений, man, 31
Russia 1 pics 1 points
Увлекаюсь йогой, без в.п.
Picture of Murashka - Free Online Dating
Екатерина, woman, 34
Russia, Ivanovo 1 pics 1 points
Ищу друга-вегетарианца для переписки.

Picture of kari29fitonyashka - Free Online Dating
Карина, woman, 19
Russia 1 pics
Вегетарианка. Практикую хатха-йогу, зани...
Picture of asdfghjkl12345 - Free Online Dating
Маришка, woman, 31
Russia 1 pics
Здравствуйте! Меня зовут Марина. Сыроед....
Picture of 30605 - Free Online Dating
Наталья, woman, 47
Russia 3 pics 16 points

Picture of Veggirl - Free Online Dating
Айя, woman, 32
Kazakhstan 1 pics
Picture of Aquarellum - Free Online Dating
Юлия, woman, 30
Russia 3 pics 1 points
Просто Homo sapiens.
Picture of Mishgan - Free Online Dating
Михаил, man, 36
Russia, Moscow 5 pics
Начинающий вегетарианец

Picture of MariaSt - Free Online Dating
Мария, woman, 31
Russia 5 pics
Здоровый образ жизни, саморазвитие.
Picture of 8Anastasia8 - Free Online Dating
Anastasia, woman, 31
Russia 1 pics 1 points
Лактовегетарианство Спорт
Picture of Praeha - Free Online Dating
Игорь, man, 53
Russia 1 pics
Лактовегетарианец десять лет на основе в...

Picture of Igor87 - Free Online Dating
Игорь, man, 30
Russia 1 pics 15 points
Где же ты единственная и неповторимая)
Picture of Navskaia - Free Online Dating
Евгения, woman, 29
Russia 4 pics 42 points
веду здоровый образ жизни, изучаю ведиче...
Picture of 1159135174161044 - Free Online Dating
Marina, woman, 35
Russia, St. Peterburg 3 pics 2 points
Вегетарианка больше 6 лет

Picture of Meghana - Free Online Dating
Лада, woman, 36
Russia 1 pics 3 points
Вегетарианка с 2009 года
Picture of mimi.mersi - Free Online Dating
Irina Satys, woman, 40
Russia, Voronezh 2 pics
люблю искусство, живопись, йогу, цигун
Picture of hunter255 - Free Online Dating
Андрей, man, 25
Russia, Ekaterinburg 1 pics 2 points
Программист, работаю из дома на себя. Лю...

Picture of kudr9shka - Free Online Dating
Олечка, woman, 41
Russia 1 pics
вегетарианка(иногда можно и посыроедить)...
Picture of Ulisa - Free Online Dating
Юлия, woman, 36
Russia 1 pics 10 points
Люблю животных
Picture of vladimir.novoselkin - Free Online Dating
Vladimir Novoselkin, man, 33
Russia 4 pics 3 points

Picture of 736997439807561 - Free Online Dating
Mariehtta, woman, 36
Ukraine, Odessa 1 pics
Я вегано и сторонница здорового образа ж...
Picture of dtufy - Free Online Dating
Елена, woman, 33
Russia 1 pics 2 points
Picture of Arambol - Free Online Dating
Nadin, woman, 30
Russia, Moscow 3 pics 1 points
Романтичная, добрая, позитивная, с чувст...

Picture of Ariadna73 - Free Online Dating
Olena, woman, 44
Ukraine 1 pics 58 points
Мої амбіції не пов’язані ані з досягненн...
Picture of kolovrat2302 - Free Online Dating
Сергей, man, 37
Russia 1 pics 2 points
Picture of 1232121946861497 - Free Online Dating
Tatyana Skoryh, woman, 37
Russia 2 pics 52 points
I'm easy going, kind, caring vegetarian,...

Picture of molrang - Free Online Dating
Егор, man, 25
Russia, St. Peterburg 1 pics 1 points
веган специфическое мировоззрение
Picture of Nata180281 - Free Online Dating
Ната, woman, 36
Russia, Perm 1 pics
Творческая,любительница путешествий,Инди...
Picture of Lena1988 - Free Online Dating
Елена, woman, 29
Ukraine 3 pics 2 points
Я люблю философию в особенности Джидду К...

Picture of Fekdas - Free Online Dating
Костя, man, 33
Belarus 3 pics 1 points
Спокойный, честный, ответственный...
Picture of Master82 - Free Online Dating
Сергей, man, 35
Ukraine 1 pics 8 points
Веду ЗОЖ, очень люблю природу, интроверт...
Picture of Gabriel400 - Free Online Dating
Gabriel, man, 42
United States, Connecticut 3 pics 1 points
I am an easygoing guy looking for my Lad...

Picture of 1135791179868810 - Free Online Dating
Oleg Popov, man, 41
Estonia 3 pics
вегетарианец ищу вегетарианку ,очень инт...
Picture of 1192794230835932 - Free Online Dating
Стас, man, 29
Russia, Moscow 1 pics
Вегетарианец, увлекаюсь эзотерикой.
Picture of nout5 - Free Online Dating
Руслан, man, 43
Russia 1 pics 19 points
Вегетарианец.Без вредных привычек. Остал...

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