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Picture of bleid - Free Online Dating
Dima, man, 32
Latvia, Riga, Riga 1 pics
dobrij panimaju6ij i sxaro6im 4ustvom ...
Picture of Evija08 - Free Online Dating
Evija, woman, 43
Latvia, Riga, Riga 3 pics
A bit shy at times, honest, open minded,...
Picture of SANNYY - Free Online Dating
Sandra, woman, 51
Latvia, Riga, Riga 1 pics

Picture of suree - Free Online Dating
Alexander, man, 32
Latvia, Riga, Riga 2 pics
If you want to know a bit more about me,...
Picture of mery31 - Free Online Dating
Liga, woman, 48
Latvia, Riga, Riga 2 pics
Zelaju poznakomitsja s muzcinoj do 45......
Picture of savagejajanka - Free Online Dating
Janis, man, 32
Latvia, Riga, Riga 1 pics
ir ;) :D Esmu draudzīgs cilvē...

Picture of Extrems - Free Online Dating
Armands, man, 43
Latvia, Riga, Riga 1 pics
I'm out to find my ONLY ONE! Living in t...
Picture of noketchup - Free Online Dating
Artur, man, 36
Latvia, Riga, Riga 1 pics
i'm good men and the best latvian men, b...
Picture of kjkjkj1982 - Free Online Dating
Kjkjkj Jkjkjk, man, 38
Latvia, Riga, Riga 1 pics
Hi well u r so nice & i'm really interst...

Picture of darwish - Free Online Dating
Guna, woman, 39
Latvia, Riga, Riga 1 pics
Everyone of us is an angel with one wing...
Picture of vladlen - Free Online Dating
Vladislav, man, 30
Latvia, Riga, Riga 1 pics
ja parenj o4enj milij,no bivaju vrmenami...
Picture of veta2304 - Free Online Dating
Iveta, woman, 48
Latvia, Riga, Riga 3 pics
I am kind,simple,energy,accountability,f...

Picture of ellastroma - Free Online Dating
Ella, woman, 50
Latvia, Riga, Riga 4 pics
Верная женщина ищет мужа ...
Picture of dzorz - Free Online Dating
Sergeis, man, 49
Latvia, Riga, Riga 6 pics
Добрый,любящий,с чуством юмора.
Picture of kosmas24 - Free Online Dating
Kosmas, man, 38
Latvia, Riga, Riga 0 pics

Picture of antly - Free Online Dating
Anatoly, man, 59
Latvia, Riga, Riga 0 pics
standart man I see women for life.I give...
Picture of mihails89 - Free Online Dating
Lemoon, man, 32
Latvia, Riga, Riga 0 pics
just add....I'm handsome and friendly fo...
Picture of chubijss - Free Online Dating
Kristaps, man, 31
Latvia, Riga, Riga 0 pics
Sweet,sexy,lovely boy ;)I like sweet, *c...

Picture of babyrek - Free Online Dating
Bob, man, 35
Latvia, Riga, Riga 0 pics
Я люблю картошку с сыром грибами и бабур...
Picture of AleksandrSapoz - Free Online Dating
Aleksandr, man, 37
Latvia, Riga, Riga 0 pics
Ja neumeju sebja hvalit. Ja ocen ljublju...
Picture of Dinardi - Free Online Dating
00000, man, 38
Latvia, Riga, Riga 0 pics
Nice Man for nice Woman. I does not drin...

Picture of picus - Free Online Dating
Piters, man, 43
Latvia, Riga, Riga 0 pics
nice, very nice, interesting,prety,i lik...
Picture of tasesmues - Free Online Dating
Maris Ozolins, man, 40
Latvia, Riga, Riga 0 pics
I feel good, i like womens. I feel good,...
Picture of Loools - Free Online Dating
Sabine0808, man, 38
Latvia, Riga, Riga 0 pics
Just men!!! ;)

Picture of dimaaa - Free Online Dating
Dasdasd, man, 55
Latvia, Riga, Riga 0 pics
Picture of andree333 - Free Online Dating
Roberts Apsits, man, 58
Latvia, Riga, Riga 0 pics
normals virietis,skiries,stradajoss.pati...
Picture of d0cumentati0n - Free Online Dating
Liga, woman, 32
Latvia, Riga, Riga 0 pics
You can know everything about me by aski...

Picture of Elloo - Free Online Dating
Elina, woman, 33
Latvia, Riga, Riga 0 pics

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