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First Date Conversation Topics


First Date Conversation Topics

Approaching a woman to ask her out is one of the most intimidating things that a man will ever do. However for a lot of men the actual date can be even more intimidating. Carrying on a conversation with new people, especially women, is not something that all men are comfortable with. If your going to be successful with women you are going to have to be able to talk to them.

The best way to carry on a conversation with a woman is to get them to talk about themselves. Most people like to talk about themselves, so give her an opportunity to do just that. Ask her a lot of open ended questions that allow her to tell you about herself. The important thing is to avoid questions that can be answered with one word. You want to give her a chance to talk. You can get her talking by asking her about work or school. You can also ask her what her ambitions and goals are. These are the kind of open ended questions that will require her to talk. They also give you the chance to ask follow up questions. Another good way to get her to talk is to ask her questions that require her to share her opinion. When your on a date with a woman you want to show her that you are interested in her. The best way to do this is to ask her questions about herself. Really you should be genuinely interested in what she has to say, if not there's probably not much of a future with her. You will be more attractive to her if you show her that your are genuinely interested in her. You can't just get her to talk about herself all night. At some point you are going to have to contribute something about yourself to the conversation. She is going to want to get to know you so you are going to have to tell her something about yourself. A lot of guys when they get nervous start talking too much, usually bragging about themselves. This is something you need to avoid. You don't want to dominate the conversation, you want it to be an equal amount of give and take. Just keep in mind that she may be just as uncomfortable as you are at carrying on a conversation. A lot of men find it difficult to carry on a conversation with a woman when they are on a first date. Some people are just naturals at talking with people that they don't know very well, but a lot of people are uncomfortable with this. If you are one of those men that finds it difficult to carry on a conversation with a woman your best bet is to get her to talk about herself.

Date: 07 Jan 2010


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