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  Republic of Poland situated in the Center of Europe. It is borders by 4 European countries, Ukraine, Belarus, Kaliningrad Oblast of Russian Federation and Baltic Sea in the North. Warsaw is the capital of Poland. Poland is a very beautiful county with amazing nature: forest, mountains, lakes; with great architecture and history. Poles proud of their culture very much. If characterize their personality - it is very hospitable and friendly people that always ready to help. They are very family-oriented people. Get in touch with Poles and find new friends or even your soul mate with LiveDateSearch.

Imagen de Chris222 - Free Online Dating
Krzysztof, hombre, 50
Poland, Lodzkie 1 fotos

Imagen de bs35x - Free Online Dating
Bartek, hombre, 48
Poland, Malopolskie 1 fotos

Imagen de bossnoss - Free Online Dating
Czeslaw, hombre, 39
Poland, Lodzkie, Lodz 1 fotos

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Kalak, hombre, 52
Poland, Mazowieckie, Warsaw 1 fotos

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Waldemar Stefanowicz, hombre, 52
Poland, Slaskie, Gliwice 1 fotos

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Smart, hombre, 55
Poland, Podlaskie 3 fotos

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Sereban, hombre, 39
Poland, Wielkopolskie, Poznan 3 fotos

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Adam, hombre, 52
Poland, Pomorskie 3 fotos

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Pawel, hombre, 37
Poland, Dolnoslaskie, Jelenia Gora 5 fotos

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Irina, mujer, 37
Poland, Wielkopolskie, Poznan 4 fotos

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Patrick, hombre, 33
Poland, Pomorskie, Gdansk 3 fotos

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Darius, hombre, 45
Poland, Kujawsko-pomorskie 1 fotos

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Krzysiek, hombre, 38
Poland 1 fotos

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Andrew 29, hombre, 33
Poland, Mazowieckie 1 fotos

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Andrzej, hombre, 36
Poland, Mazowieckie 1 fotos

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Kamil Morawski, hombre, 33
Poland, Slaskie 1 fotos

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Jarek, hombre, 42
Poland, Lubelskie 5 fotos

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Zosia, mujer, 42
Poland 1 fotos

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Mentor, hombre, 56
Poland, Zachodniopomorskie, Szczecin 1 fotos

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Krzysiek B., hombre, 34
Poland, Podlaskie, Lomza 1 fotos

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Iwonka, mujer, 48
Poland, Malopolskie 1 fotos

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Jakub Taranek, hombre, 32
Poland, Lodzkie 4 fotos

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Szymon, hombre, 38
Poland 5 fotos

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Tomasz Rudnicki, hombre, 36
Poland, Dolnoslaskie, Wroclaw 2 fotos

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Satyryk, hombre, 39
Poland, Slaskie, Katowice 1 fotos

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Boleslaw Chrobry, hombre, 34
Poland 5 fotos

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Lana, mujer, 39
Poland, Wielkopolskie 1 fotos

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Dobrowolski, hombre, 43
Poland, Zachodniopomorskie, Szczecin 1 fotos

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Jacek, hombre, 53
Poland, Mazowieckie, Warsaw 2 fotos

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Manuel, hombre, 39
Poland, Lodzkie 1 fotos

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Aleksander Wilk, hombre, 29
Poland, Warminsko-mazurskie, Olsztyn 1 fotos

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Tomek M, hombre, 52
Poland, Dolnoslaskie, Wroclaw 3 fotos

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Edmund Gellert, hombre, 68
Poland, Mazowieckie, Warsaw 5 fotos

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Michal, hombre, 49
Poland, Mazowieckie, Warsaw 4 fotos

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Adam, hombre, 32
Poland, Lodzkie, Lodz 1 fotos

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Natali, mujer, 34
Poland, Mazowieckie, Warsaw 2 fotos

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