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  Norway is a country in the North of the Europe. It borders Sweden, Finland, Russia and Skagerrak Strait. The Capital of Norway is Oslo. The type of government is constitutional democracy. The religion of Norwegians is Christianity and their official language is Norwegian. It is one of the wealthiest country in the world. Beauty of the country attracts a lot of tourists.
In the in ancient times Norway was land of Vikings - the greatest expanders of that times.
By law women and men are equal. Norwegians are open and friendly people, but they like their privacy and they have very small circle of friends. Get in touch with Norwegians via LiveDateSearch.

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Oivind Martinsen, hombre, 55
Norway, Ostfold, Fredrikstad 2 fotos

Imagen de Bernstad - Free Online Dating
Tom Bernstad, hombre, 55
Norway, Buskerud 1 fotos

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Age Grotos, hombre, 46
Norway, Sor-trondelag 1 fotos

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Harretbatier, mujer, 38
Norway, Oslo 1 fotos

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Johan From Oslo, hombre, 48
Norway 1 fotos

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Sharon, mujer, 41
Norway, Finnmark, Berlevеg 4 fotos

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Svein Rabben, hombre, 42
Norway, Sor-trondelag, Trondheim 1 fotos

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Per Lasse Bakken, hombre, 48
Norway, Akershus 1 fotos

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Dag Lindblad, hombre, 64
Norway, Ostfold, Sarpsborg 6 fotos

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Trenton, hombre, 49
Norway 1 fotos

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Aliya, mujer, 38
Norway, Oslo 4 fotos

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Magnus Johansson, hombre, 36
Norway, Oslo 3 fotos

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George Iyere, hombre, 30
Norway, Nordland, Narvik 1 fotos

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Ragnar Skaug, hombre, 69
Norway 3 fotos

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Morfar34, hombre, 47
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Tommy Dahle, hombre, 40
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D J, hombre, 52
Norway, Oslo 9 fotos

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Alan Narvestad, hombre, 62
Norway, Rogaland, Stavanger 5 fotos

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Richard Frosty, hombre, 35
Norway, Finnmark, Berlevеg 1 fotos

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Alf-Johnny Sørensen, hombre, 47
Norway, Ostfold, Fredrikstad 1 fotos

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Franklin Nitel, hombre, 34
Norway 3 fotos

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Bjorn Aurstad, hombre, 46
Norway, More Og Romsdal, Molde 1 fotos

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Kristian Husby, hombre, 52
Norway, Nord-trondelag, Namsos 3 fotos

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Vidar Oslo, hombre, 51
Norway, Oslo 1 fotos

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Laila Johnson, mujer, 40
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Jarl Olsen, hombre, 49
Norway 5 fotos

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Daniel Fred, hombre, 31
Norway, Nord-trondelag, Levanger 3 fotos

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Penthus, hombre, 50
Norway, Oslo 3 fotos

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Adam Kaczorowski, hombre, 36
Norway 2 fotos

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Jessica Dolman, mujer, 39
Norway, Oslo 4 fotos

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Hannah, mujer, 33
Norway 4 fotos

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Anney, mujer, 34
Norway 4 fotos

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Kanemicheal, hombre, 36
Norway 3 fotos

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Harald Eide, hombre, 63
Norway, Hordaland 7 fotos

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Borko Belic, hombre, 44
Norway 1 fotos

Imagen de geir.engerdahl - Free Online Dating
Geir Engerdahl, hombre, 59
Norway 1 fotos

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