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Live Video Chat - Instant Messanging - LiveDateSearch [de]

Please click 'Live Chat' button on other member's profile in order to start Live Chat.
You can use webcam, audio and text chat with our Live Messanger.

Live Video Chat instructions
All members who are currently logged into LiveDateSearch are displayed on Who is Online page. Also on each online member's profile you will see "Live Chat" graphical link. In order to start Live Video Chat you will need to click on this link. You will see a pop-up window which contains LiveDateSearch Video Chat application being loaded. Please wait for a few seconds until this application is loaded. When Video Chat app is started you will see an app window ready for communication.

You can use text chat, audio conversation or video streaming during your chat sessions. You will also have possibility to review another party's profile during your chat sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • I have clicked on 'Live Video Chat' link near another member's profile, but nothing happens. Why?
  • Answer: most of all you have pop-up blocked enabled either in your web-browser or in anti-virus software. Usually when a web-site tries to open a pop-up and it is blocked, you will see a small indicator which notifies about this. This is usually an icon near your browser's address bar, or another sign in the sys-tray area of your operating system. Please click on this icon and enable pop-up windows for permanently. Important: you will need to reload the page after you have enabled pop-ups.

    Example in Google Chrome browser:

    Example in Internet Explorer 9:

    Please make sure you have enabled your web-camera:

  • The other member can not see my video streaming or I do not see image from my web-camera in Live Video Chat window
  • Answer: you will need to grant permission to access your web-camera to LiveDateSearch video chat application. Please click on the corresponding checkbox in your chat app.

  • Is it really safe?
  • LiveDateSearch is not intended for Adult Dating type of communications. Instead, our goal is to provide a service where people can meet each other for serious relationships only.
    We try our best to make live video chat to be safe. However, we can not guarantee that another member does not display illegal or violent content over the web. In such cases kindly please stop any communications with this person and report this to website administration.
Example how LiveDateSearch video chat application looks like:

With Live Video Chat you can make your online dating experience really effective, fun and safe in the same time. As opposed to having a long period of "online-only" relationship while you just exchange emails with another person and do no see each other, you can enter to live video chat right from the beginning. This way to verify whether he or she is real, to have "live" communication and then to make final decision whether to meet him or her in realty or not.

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