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Profil von Stanley Benedit

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Name Stanley Benedit
Geburtsdatum / Alter 20 Dezember 1976, 40 yo - Die Archer
Aktueller Standort United States, New York, New York
Geschlecht Man
Über mich Am single . So i sta *censored* as a Bachelor in my own Apartment. I work own private business dealing on Clothing. I do move around to Africa sometimes to purchase goods from the Manufacturing companies. After then i return to USA. This is how i always do go around the coutries. Most often , atleast six times in a month. I started this business last three years ago. The next four months will make it four years i have been in this business. But now i am looking out to sit a as a family man, while my business continue. I love the business so much because it has helped me alot in so many ways. Some times i do travel to Nigeria for a prayer crusade whenever the programms come up. So dear that is little abount me. You will know more of me as time goes on. Let me know more about you Sweetie. I will be very happy to hear from you. We can chat LIVE through ye hoo chatting. Here is my ID for ye hoo chatting ( stanley_benedit01 at ye hoo . com ) use it while adding me to ye hoo messenger list. I will be expecting you response on this Sweetie.
Spezialität Landwirte und Land
Registriert 27 Mai 2007
Zuletzt gesehen 27 Mai 2007
Status Newbie
Aktueller Rang 3809
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