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Name Portersavage
Geburtsdatum / Alter 31 Dezember 1977, 41 yo - Der Steinbock
Aktueller Standort Netherlands, Noord-holland
Geschlecht Frau
Über mich I am very sensitive and tender. I am also very vulnerable. That is why I do not like any kind of lie, and that is why I am always honest with people. I can be compared with calm and deep water. I like to give more than to take. That is why people like to be with me. I am also very reliable; not only in work, but also in relations. I have a very good intuition and it tells me that I am going the right way. I like to be different. That is why I like to do a lot of things. I adore to study new people and this life in whole. I adore animals. I am very sociable. That is why I like to spend time with my family and friends. I try to keep fit. I am here which means that I have a very big interest in finding my only one man.I want my life partner to be very friendly, tender, and kind. I want to have somebody to care for, but he must also be ready to treat me good. My own family is very important to me. That is why I am looking for a family-oriented man. But the main thing for me in relationships, is harmony in everything. It means that we should respect, understand, and be ready to listen to each other any time we need it; and of course, be ready to support each other hard moments.please add me to gmail hang out possible way I can hang out am online hang out
Spezialität Katholische
Registriert 29 Dez 2017
Zuletzt gesehen 29 Dez 2017
Status Resident
Aktueller Rang 627
Andere Profile auf Platz 0

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Bild von dorissavageporter - Kostenloser Online-Dating

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